Regus Online Virtual Office Agreement

Build your business presence quickly, with an immediate business address and the virtual office services you need. Choose from thousands of sites to position your business wherever you are. Set up your office in a prime location for a minimum cost. When I stopped working this month, I received as an invitation (online) the termination of my contract with Regus, notification that my contract will not be terminated until December 31 (2019), which requires me to pay for another six months. When I called to inquire, the contract I had signed in 2006 told me about an automatic renewal clause. Pay only for what you need – whether it`s an email management service or a full virtual office If you want more than one business address, you can use our packages to select the services you need to get to work. Work wherever you want, with free access to our business lounges around the world or access to office, coworking or meeting rooms if you need it. And let`s send your emails and answer your business calls. Our fully maintained private offices provide teams of all sizes with an inspiring environment in which they can focus, work together and do their best work.

When I look online, I see an Automatic Renewal Law (ARL) in the California Business and Professions Code (17600 and s.), which regus seems to have violated various terms. The AR clause in the agreement is z.B in small type (for me, it looks like a six-point font). It is in no way deducted from the rest of the agreement (which all seems to be in a six-point artium writing). In other words, the AR clause was not presented in a clear and striking way, placed in a larger or more contrasting writing, which was tabled by the surrounding text in a way that clearly draws attention to the terms. The company I put on the agreement was an individual company that I had registered as a fictitious company name (DBA). Add the answering machine and the use of a private office in the middle of your choice. About 13 years ago (in January 2006), I signed a “virtual office contract” with a Regus (Shared Office Space) facility in Palo Alto, CA. I assumed that once the original mandate was completed, the annual agreement would be transformed from a first year into a monthly agreement. As far as I can remember, I have never signed any additional agreements. Build your presence quickly and around the world. Our virtual offices are available in all major cities and cities around the world, allowing you to represent your business professionally and maximize all opportunities. Now choose your new virtual address and create your own plan with the available redirect and phone call services.

With our coworking spaces, you can work with others in an open space or a shared office. Hot Desk or book a dedicated office in your favorite collaborative workspace. Establish a presence in each market with a virtual office. Our virtual office plans include phone answering and email processing with a professional address at any Regus business center in the world.