Line Creek Mine Collective Agreement

Our employees are required to report violations or possible violations of our code of ethics through our Doing What`s Right program, which includes an alert hotline and web portal managed by The Network, a third party with arm length. The hotline and portal are available 24/7 in all legal systems in which we have staff, to provide our employees and others with a confidential and secure way to report anonymous concerns about behaviours that may violate our values and standards. On April 20, Teck Resources Ltd. announced a new five-year collective agreement, ratified by the staff of its Line Creek operations. In 2019, 28% of new recruits (219) were women. You can find a breakdown of recruitment by age group, gender and type of job in our 2019 online sustainability performance data. Table 20 presents a list of collective agreements for unionized workers in our major divisions (including Antamina). In 2019, the collective agreements of Line Creek, Coal Mountain, Quebrada Blanca and Carmen de Andacollo expired. With two unions in Carmen de Andacollo (CoA) and a union in Quebrada Blanca, a collective agreement was signed in 2019 when their collective agreements expired. In 2019, there was a 52-day strike at CdA that ended with the signing of a new collective agreement.

The Coal Mountain collective agreement was extended for one year due to maintenance and maintenance and collective bargaining initiated at Line Creek and is still ongoing at the end of the year. The new collective agreement replaces another one that expired on May 31, 2019 We ensure that our minimum termination deadlines meet or exceed those set by current labour standards. Minimum termination deadlines can also be set in collective agreements. To ensure that there is no harassment of union members, we have comprehensive policies or implementations and non-discrimination measures specific to each collective agreement. We will not tolerate retaliation against employees who express concern. All allegations of harassment or intimidation by others as a result of contact with the emergency number or web portal or any other ethical or safety issues are reviewed and, where appropriate, appropriate disciplinary action is taken, which may include dismissal. In 2019, we reviewed individual reports on harassment as part of our recruitment procedures and received no charges of discrimination against our hotline (the Doing What`s Right hotline, available in all languages of the countries where teak operates). These reports were investigated and, when the allegations were confirmed, appropriate response action was taken. We prohibit any form of retaliation for reports of harassment or discrimination and we have not retaliated against those who have asserted rights. Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is reflected at all levels of our company, starting with our Board of Directors, which has taken specific steps to ensure that female candidates are considered when candidates for election to the Board of Directors are considered.