About us

MELAVIO Avionics Club  was founded in 2003. Since then we are actively supporting students in developing their interests in:

  • Avionics
  • Systems control
  • Navigation

With every month our projects are becoming more and more far-fetched seiten wo man spieleen kann. Currently our main goal is to participate in UAV Challenge 2018. Mission from last edition is still not fulfilled so our priority is to prepare as best as we can to next edition 123 solitaire free german windows 10. To satisfy this goal we take part in many side-projects to gain experience and skills necessary to be up to the demands of this very difficult contest sims 4 dingen downloaden. Our main quality is an integrated team of many interests and skills as well as our strong engagement in club’s projects. If the plan succeeds, our system designed for the needs of the competition will become a foundation for developing further projects related to the UAV industry facebook profildaten herunterladen.