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  • Jul 18

    Autopilot – field tests

    Tests of the autopilot system that is being developed from scratch by members of MelAvio team more.










    Apr 28

    M6 Barakuda – tests

    We proudly present first public photos of M6!






    Dec 12

    Avionic Sp. Jawna B. Kawik, L.Mateuszek has become our official sponsor.

    Logo AVIONIC

    We are glad to inform that Avionics Sp. Jawna B.Kawik, L.Mateuszek has become our official sponsor. Thanks to its support we obtained a transport box for safe and easy transport of our aircraft to airfields as well as to UAV Outback Challenge competition.

    Nov 13

    12th CNS Solutions Conference

    On October 23rd MelAvio team participated in 12th CNS Solutions Conference. Thanks to the hosts, we presented our projects and the way we use SolidWorks in drone design. We have also shown our booth where many of construction built in Melavio were presented.

    2013-10-23 12.26.19




    Oct 16

    85th anniversary of parachute production in Poland

    On October 1st, Melavio team participated in 85th anniversary of parachute production in Poland organised by Air-Pol company. We presented our constructions – The Shark, Quad Tiltrotor and we performed a test flight of hexacopter.




    Aug 06

    Institute of Aviation has become MelAvio’s sponsor.


    We are glad to inform that the Institute of Aviation has become our official sponsor. It will support us with part of funds needed for the development and construction of MelAvio’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle M-6 prototype which goal is to take part in UAV Outback Challenge competition.

    Aug 01

    Altium Designer PCB training with Altium and Evatronix.

    Thanks to MelAvio’s sponsors – Evatronix and Altium companies, MelAvio members took part in a training that covered designing PCBs using Altium Designer Software. Workshops took place on 17-19 July and helped to expand MelAvio’s capabilities related to electronics design. It is worth to remember that MelAvio is officially using Altium products for electronics development.

    2013-07-19 15.51.40

    Jul 30

    QuadTiltRotor propulsion test

    On 26th of July we have successfully conducted tests of propulsion tilting mechanism for MelAvio’s QuadTiltRotor project. Tests have shown that our computations related to vibrations and deformations were correct. It helped to prove that the designed mechanism has meet previously stated objectives.

    Jul 06

    UAV Outback Challenge

    Jak na razie, w UAV Outback Challenge 2014 pojawiły się zespoły z krajów zaznaczonych na niebiesko. MelAvio jest dumne, że będzie reprezentować nasz kraj na tym ważnym wydarzeniu.

    Jun 18

    Altium FPGA training at Evatronix headquarters

    On 10-11th of June, MelAvio members took part in Altium FPGA training thanks to our sponsors – Evatronix and Altium companies. MelAvio expanded its possibilities in designing electronic circuits.

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