Crew Change Agreement

However, the situation remains complex and difficulties are still being reported. In some cases, the key name of workers can only apply to nationals of one country and seafarers from other countries remain restricted, so foreign crews cannot travel to that country to be repatriated. In addition, IMO is cooperating diplomatically with governments to promote the lifting of local and national restrictions on the movement of seafarers. It has also published a series of circulars, you provide guidance and important information on issues such as the guarantee of a safe crew change (CL.4204/Add.14), personal protective equipment (CL.4204/Add.15), sailor`s certificates (CL.4204/Add.19) and the guarantee of a secure interface between aircrew and land personnel (CL.4204/Add.16). Click here to access all IMO indications in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the problem is not in sight and, last month, the measures taken by the major nations to change personnel were strengthened after restrictions were loosened in June and July. In mid-June, the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) said it would help sailors who want to stop their work and leave their ships when their contracts expire. Some crews take matters into their own hands and refuse to work as soon as their ships arrive at the ports. Remember that the countries mentioned below are the countries that have changed their rules regarding the crew change of the BIMCO update.

(b) the owners exercise the right in point (a) with due consideration of the interests of the charterers and communicate in writing, as soon as possible, any derogations for the change of personnel. The Singapore Maritime and Port Authority is working with the Industry Task Force to provide more detailed guidelines to protect the personnel change process. Most cruise lines stopped travel in response to the COVID 19 pandemic and have since been trying to disembark and return their passengers and crew. But this requires cooperation and cooperation between cruise lines, governments and others – this is what IMO is asking for. About 150,000 sailors travel the world each month to connect to ships to replace colleagues who have been at sea for months. Widespread travel restrictions imposed by countries to curb the spread of coronavirus have made their travel almost impossible, while their replacement teams are stranded ashore without a job. Maersk`s comment is a joke, they helped create this chaos. If they had not announced a staff change delayed for two months in April and May, the world might have listened earlier. Just like the boat manager in Germany, short-sighted. You should have woken up to overcome the strategic mess that has happened. Maersk Shame on you.

Onsigner: You board the ship with a letter of invitation published by the agent with complete information about each crew member and also about the flights. I love everybody. 13 countries should you open the border immediately for crew changes otherwise open the hospital for them 13 countries should take a special request for sailors to travel permation to relieve all sailors When will this start? Fujairah still in the vicinity and the agent say they have no news for crew changes. we arrive on July 15th there title and objective of the clause – The clause is intended to be used in long-term charter parties, not individual travel or charter travel time. The distinction is important because the use of the clause is based on the fact that the owners do not know at the time of the location of the vessel being exchanged by charterers and/or travel restrictions at the time of the crew`s schedule change. It is specific to the current COVID-19 epidemic, but it can also be applied to any subsequent “second wave” of the virus that may occur in the future. The change of personnel is essential not only for the health and well-being of the seafarers themselves, but also to ensure that merchant vessels can continue to carry important goods in t